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Operations Support Services

General Management

Sanderling can provide a full suite of outsourced dialysis management and administrative solutions – ranging from turnkey dialysis management, implementation and management of Electronic Medical Records, billing and collections, or managing and implementing a CQI program – and everything in between.

Principals of Sanderling are highly experienced in all facets of dialysis and healthcare facility management and administration, and truly add value on the highest level to ensure prudent fiscal management and efficient dialysis operations.

Inventory, Purchasing, A/P Management

Through decades of experience with careful and prudent purchasing and inventory management, Sanderling can help stretch your budget farther with unique and innovative purchasing programs and relationships. Membership in a buying group provides only limited purchasing benefit – Sanderling can help realize true and material cost savings.

Through PEARL, our proprietary and comprehensive Healthcare IT solution, dialysis administration can exercise inventory control that is unprecedented.

Accounts Payable is also handled through PEARL, with a streamlined process designed to save both time and money.

Payroll Management

PEARL can interface with ADP or your outsourced payroll provider of choice. All wage and other payroll data can be uploaded to PEARL, enabling easy and comprehensive analysis of labor utilization by department, type of staff member, per admission, per bed day, or per diagnostic test.

Compliance and Risk Management

Through the PEARL system, we provide a user friendly and automated Incident Reporting System which integrates with all patient and staff data. To maintain effective Risk Management and controls, Incident Reports are completed, online, by the staff members involved in an incident. Depending on the nature and severity of the incident, an Incident Report is automatically distributed to the appropriate individuals involved in overall Risk Management for the dialysis facility.

As follow-up, PEARL enables reporting and classification of every type of incident – including (but not limited to) medical device failures, visitor injuries, adverse medication events, and excessive bleeding. As a result, Compliance and Risk Management is both enhanced and enabled through the use of technology, making the job of Compliance/Risk Management more comprehensive, cost effective, and efficient. And with an Automated Incident Reporting System, future legal risks to the dialysis facility are dealt with in as prudent and expeditious a fashion as possible, further mitigating risk.