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We pride ourselves on bringing turnkey 24-7 on-call specialty services to hospitals and health plans nationwide, via our national network of licensed physicians. Leveraging over 25 years of experience.

Bold advances in Telemedicine

We provide 24/7 telemedicine coverage for hospitals, emergency rooms though our network of board certified nephrologists, cardiologists, and internists. Our Virtual Specialist Model ensures seamless coverage of hospitalized patients and oversees their transition to the outpatient setting. Our Specialists become your specialists. They have full staff privileges, directly enter orders and charting into the hospital EMR, and make periodic site visits to the hospital campus. This ensure that Kidney and Heart patients can stay in their communities and that the hospital can carry out their mission to provide coverage for their community. Learn more about our Telemedicine service, or explore our predominant areas:

Breakthroughs in dialysis care

Sanderling has developed proprietary methods and tools for determining the need for dialysis services in a geographic area. The analysis is used to determine the ideal location for a facility, an estimate of the size of the dialysis population the clinic will serve, and the size of the clinic. Our clinics operate paperless with a single comprehensive electronic medical record with real time quality reporting to our nurses and doctors.

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