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About Sanderling Renal Services

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We pride ourselves on bringing turnkey 24-7 on-call specialty services to hospitals and health plans nationwide, via our national network of licensed physicians. Leveraging over 25 years of experience as an accomplished physician and developer / operator of over 250 small healthcare facilities, Dr. Jerome Tannenbaum founded Sanderling with a driving ambition to bring high quality medical services to communities around the country. Sanderling’s unique model was developed over the course of Dr. Tannenbaum’s successful career as a healthcare entrepreneur and developer...more

About our Chairman
Dr. Tannenbaum left NNA in June 2003 to found Diversified Specialty Institutes, Inc. (DSI). In 2005, Dr. Tannenbaum led the formation and expansion of DSI Renal, Inc. (an affiliate of DSI), a company that operated over 120 dialysis centers across 26 states. He served as its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. In late 2008, Dr. Tannenbaum left DSI Renal in order to found Sanderling Healthcare, LLC, to commercialize his pre-engineered construction methodology for hospitals and other healthcare facilities. In late 2012, Dr. Tannenbaum founded Sanderling Renal Services to provide renal services to communities across America.

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