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Concierge Medicine

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Concierge Medicine

Sanderling is focused on bringing high quality dialysis and nephrology services to rural communities and home dialysis patients. Many patients who live in rural communities lack convenient access to a dialysis clinic or a nephrologist (kidney specialist). Sanderling uses Advanced Telemedicine™ to bring the nephrologist to rural communities, allowing our patients to access high quality specialized care for renal problems and dialysis closer to home. Traveling three times a week over rural roads to a dialysis clinic that is far away from home is a huge burden on a dialysis patient and his or her family. Sanderling helps reduce that burden by developing dialysis and chronic kidney disease clinics in the heart of rural America. Sanderling establishes a close working relationship with the local hospital and primary care providers to improve the continuity of care for patients who require dialysis.

Sanderling is committed to helping ESRD patients receive dialysis at home. This includes helping the patient and the patient's family with in-home support, even after the initial training is over. This innovative program takes advantage of telemedicine and remote monitoring tools to make dialysis at home feasible for almost any patient.

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