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SRS-Telemedicine for Control of COVID-19 in Hospitals

SRS-Telemedicine has been providing in-patient telemedicine since 2014, and is currently delivering this service in 24 hospitals throughout the United States (including Hawaii).

Over the past 5 years we have perfected the use of technology to provide tele-medicine (physician consults), and tele-nursing (RN services) to complex in-patients with multi-system disease, many of whom required dialysis. Our methodology can be used with any Med-Surg or Critical Care patient who has a complex illness, like COVID-19.

It’s only a matter of time before a nursing shortage will eclipse the PPE shortage. Nurses will stay home (either through fear or a genuine need for quarantine). Physicians are a prime vector for transmission to patients outside the hospital. Telemedicine and Tele-Nursing are critical to the containment effort.

Using our approach, a Physician or a licensed nurse (RN) performs a detailed clinical assessment on the patient remotely, with the assistance of a patient care assistant who is at the patient’s bedside. The patient care tech has been taught to position a tele-stethoscope and/or a Point of Care Ultrasound probe, so the physician or RN can perform lung and cardiac auscultation (or a lung ultrasound) remotely (real-time) over the Internet.

The Physician or Tele-Nurse interviews the patient with real-time audio-visual technology. This includes the use of a Point of Care Ultrasound which can provide real-time images over the Internet.

The RN can also remotely supervise (with real time audio-visual) the administration of meds and the adjustment of an IV pump (performed by the patient care tech at the bedside). We have also trained the techs to remove and replace dressing, again under the direct, real-time visualization and direction of the Registered Nurse from a remote location. Family members who are staying with a patient can also be trained to do some of the bedside activities with the telemedicine equipment.

Our service can offer significant protection to your hospital’s medical and nursing staff by implementing this method in your hospitals for all patients on a med-surg or critical care floor. Some nursing activities will still need the physical presence of an RN, but the majority of interactions can be performed with our telemedicine methodology.

Our approach reduces or eliminates exposure to infected patients. It significant reduces patient to patient transmission. The Physician is a significant potential vector of infection to patients and family members outside the hospital. Telemedicine completely eliminates physician contact with the patient.

Physicians and RN’s who are under quarantine can perform their cognitive duties from home.

SRS provides a full complement of telemedicine equipment (iPads, mobile stands, tele-stethoscopes, point of care ultrasound devices) to your hospital, and training of the physicians and staff. SRS can implement an entire hospital wing, including training of bedside patient care assistants, RN’s, and Physicians, in 2 days or less.

No infrastructure changes are necessary.

SRS provides policies and procedures that have been designed for tele-medicine and tele-nursing, and these can be quickly integrated with the hospital’s policies and procedures under the direction of the CNO at each hospital.

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