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Frequently asked questions

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Sanderling has developed proprietary methods and tools for determining the need for dialysis services in a geographic area. The analysis is used to determine the ideal location for a facility, an estimate of the size of the dialysis population the clinic will serve, and the size of the clinic.

Sanderling has several formats for developing a relationship with an organization and its physicians. Sanderling is willing to be a partial owner, taking shared risk with the organization, or is willing to be the sole owner of the clinic and assume the full financial risk under certain circumstances. Each organization has its own priorities and financial tolerance for risk. Sanderling's goal is to affiliate with high quality healthcare providers and tailor the relationship in a manner that accommodates the goals of those providers Sanderling uses financial models that have been refined by many years of experience to determine the optimal amount of capital that will be required for developing a new facility. Sanderling is sensitive to the needs of its joint venture partners with respect to: • Access capital • Need for cash distributions • Retirement planning for individual physicians • Recruitment of new nephrologists into a group practice

Sanderling has efficient methods for identifying sites in a community. Sanderling's proprietary designs and methods of construction result in highly cost-effective facilities that can be open within six months of identifying a site. All of its designs are rigorously tested against the International Building Code (IBC), The Guidelines for Healthcare Facility Design and Construction (AIA), and all local, state, and CMS regulations that apply to the clinic being built.

Sanderling has national purchasing agreements with the largest equipment and supply manufacturers and has significant volume discounts which are passed on to its joint venture partners.

General Management

Sanderling can provide a full suite of outsourced dialysis management and administrative solutions – ranging from turnkey dialysis management, implementation and management of Electronic Medical Records, billing and collections, or managing and implementing a CQI program – and everything in between.