Sanderling Renal Services for Rural Communities: Sanderling brings high quality dialysis and nephrology services to rural communities and home dialysis patients. Many patients who live in rural communities lack convenient access to a dialysis clinic or a nephrologist (kidney specialist). Sanderling uses Advanced Telemedicine to bring the nephrologist to patients in rural communities, reducing their need to travel for these services. Sanderling, working closely with local hospitals and physicians, brings the most advanced technology for renal care to even the remotest locations.

Sanderling Renal Services for Home Patients – Home Dialysis+: Sanderling believes more patients should receive dialysis at home. Sanderling offers conventional home dialysis options for hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis and also provides the option for a trained caregiver to provide treatment in the patient’s home on either a short-term or long-term arrangement. This innovative program uses remote monitoring tools and telemedicine to make dialysis at home feasible for almost any patient.

Advanced Telemedicine: Sanderling has pioneered the use of telemedicine to deliver renal services to acute care hospitals in rural communities. Board certified nephrologists see patients upon arrival at the hospital and supervise their care. Sanderling employs the latest in technology to ensure patients receive the best treatment options. In addition to nephrology consultations, Sanderling provides tele-dialysis at hospitals without their own dialysis services, ensuring all patients receive prompt and efficient treatment at hospitals more convenient to their homes. With thousands of consults performed at hospitals from Georgia to California, Sanderling is the industry leader in providing renal services to hospitals.

Quality of Patient Care: Sanderling’s founders, affiliated physicians, and clinical staff have a long tradition of providing high quality care and pleasing environments to patients on dialysis. Our clinical protocols are established by our Medical Advisory Board and are continually revised to reflect the latest information related to the treatment of patients on dialysis.

Advanced Technology: Sanderling uses the latest generation dialysis equipment, a sophisticated Electronic Medical Record (PEARL™), and Advanced Telemedicine to enhance the safety and quality of the dialysis treatments performed in its centers and in patients’ homes. Advanced Telemedicine allows Sanderling to improve the face-to-face communication between dialysis patients and their nephrologists, even for patients who live in rural communities far from a nephrologist’s primary office. The PEARL™ Electronic Medical Record was developed by Sanderling’s founder and has a proven history of providing timely information, resulting in better outcomes (lower mortality and less frequent hospitalizations) than other dialysis chains. The PEARL™ Electronic Medical Record is available via a secure Internet connection 24 hours a day, and can be accessed by other providers (emergency rooms, hospitals) in the event of an emergency. This feature enhances the communication, and continuity of care, for Sanderling’s patients when they are traveling or need emergency care when the dialysis clinic is closed.

Significant Physician Involvement: The Chief Executive Officer and the majority of the senior executives at Sanderling are nephrologists whose primary goal is to deliver high quality care to our patients. The collective experience and knowledge of this group allows Sanderling to rapidly evaluate and adopt newly developed technology and clinical practices for use in its clinics.

Proven Track Record: The Founder and key executives have been successfully developing dialysis clinics for more than 30 years.