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Marilee “Scooter” Whisler. R.N.

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Marilee “Scooter” Whisler. R.N.
Lake Isabella

Staff assisted program has changed my life. I was driving 2-4 times a week to Bakersfield, over 100 miles round trip for dialysis. So having the convenience of having dialysis in my home, the time and money saved on gas and travel is just a small part of the whole picture. The staff is very professional, competent and caring, and takes care of so many details my family doesn’t have to worry about anymore. One of the major factors is that

I did not have to change drs. I didn’t have to make weekly trips to the lab. The hours saved in travel and dr visit is amazing. I would urge anyone that has to travel for dialysis should look to sanderling in home staff assist dialysis. I feel like I am not tied to a center, I can travel more, the technician is flexible for times and days for traveling. I don’t have to worry about driving anywhere after treatment if I am not feeling the greatest.

I receive the same quality care and accommodations as in center if not more in the comfort of my own home. I really can’t say enough good things about this program! Like I said before this program has seriously changed my life! I am beyond grateful for this company and the program.