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Dr. Ben Carson
Secretary of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development

“Working with Sanderling is key to our efforts to serve our patients with nephrology, renal, and heart specialty services in critical care situations. I am proud to say that Sanderling’s processes streamlined our operations to a whole new level.Read more

Marilee “Scooter” Whisler. R.N.
Lake Isabella

Staff assisted program has changed my life. I was driving 2-4 times a week to Bakersfield, over 100 miles round trip for dialysis. So having the convenience of having dialysis in my home, the time and money saved on gas and travel is just a small part of the whole picture. The staff is very professional, competent and caring, and takes care of so many details my family doesn’t have to worry about anymore. One of the major factors is that I did not have to change drs. I didn’t have to make weekly trips to the lab.Read more