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On Dialysis

Dialysis patients are able to travel with a little advance planning. At Sanderling Renal, we enjoy welcoming visitors to our clinics. Whether visiting family, friends or area attractions, we want to ensure you receive dialysis so you are free to enjoy these special times. If you find you’ll be visiting near one of our clinics either call (615) 988-7881 or submit an online travel request. We will help you obtain needed medical records and insurance information as well as book a treatment at one of our clinics.

Simple Ways to Make Dialysis Travel Easier

Use our Center Locator to find a dialysis center near your destination, along with directions and local phone numbers.

Call 615-988-7881 for assistance in planning your dialysis needs while traveling. We take care of researching dialysis centers and making appointments—so you can focus on enjoying your trip. Patient Travel Services is available Monday through Friday, from 8AM to 6PM, to book your treatment services at a center near your destination.

Will my dialysis treatment away from home be covered?

In many instances, yes—especially if you’re traveling in the US. Call your insurance provider and ask for details about your kidney care and dialysis travel coverage to make sure—and find out what information you’ll need to take with you. Many times, you will be able to continue your dialysis treatments on the go, so you won’t need to cut your trip short.

Travel Tips

Bring your prescriptions along with a complete supply of all your medications for your trip. Pack for an extra day or two to be safe.

Have a list of all medications and allergies handy along with the phone number for your primary drug store at home.

Bring your contact information, personal photo identification, insurance cards and emergency contacts.

Bring contact information (phone number and email, if possible) for your doctor, social worker and current dialysis clinic.

Have a backup plan

Sometimes you can plan everything perfectly and still get thrown a curveball. Talk to your doctor about what to do in case something unexpected happens while you’re away from home—and let your travel companions know how to help. If you run into challenges, call your doctor or social worker for guidance. You can also call Sanerling Renal Services at 615-988-7881, Option 2, Monday through Friday, from 8am to 6pm.

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Looking for a dialysis center while traveling?

We can help you find a Sanerling Renal dialysis center near your destination.

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